Shock Collars

Webmaster note:   The following is an excerpt from a blog post that I wrote earlier this year, which included posters from the advocacy site,   Since this post was written, there has been a new petition for the new government, which can be found HERE

Now shock collar advocates / salesmen make a seemingly strong case that without shock collar training, there would be some dogs that simply would not live to tell the tail. I am a middle-aged grandmother, not a professional dog trainer … but I simply cannot agree with that!

Straight, sweet and simple! Why? Because even this middle-aged granny knows that fear is only effective until the trigger becomes more important to the dog than the deterrent! Years ago I lived next door to a fellow who kept his dog contained in the back yard with an E Fence. Once that dog understood that a few seconds of pain was the only thing standing between him and his liberty, the e fence was about as useful as the proverbial tits on a bull.

In other words, even a middle-aged granny like myself can easily grasp the idea that using shock collars to overcome dangerous behaviours is right up there with the duct tape fixes at the Possum Lodge! The difference being of course that the Red Green fixes are good for a giggle … while suppressing unsafe behaviors is simply risky business!

Would YOU want to adopt a dog that had been “fixed” with a shock collar? Bring this dog into your home? Walk this dog on the street? Have this dog in your neighbourhood? With your kids? Cats? Dogs?

The truth is that nobody wants to see a dog die! Rescue people are almost hardwired to want to save every dog and to reject the idea that a dog is simply not saveable! It goes against every fibre of their being to say … yes it is better and safer to euthanize this poor dog!

What time is it? It is always time to correlate the connection between our own humanity and choosing humane methods of animal husbandry! At the end of the day … that is the real issue, eh? In this fast paced world, shock collars are simply used as a shortcut by those unwilling or unable to invest the time and energy to make enduring, positive change!


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