Prince is a small senior Pomeranian mix who is available for adoption from Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society.    For more information about this special little guy, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Meet the handsome Prince.

This 12 year old Pomeranian is an independent little guy who loves to play with dogs and is always game for a good cuddle or sleeping on your bed.

Like many seniors who come to rescue, he carries the battle scars of a hard life. We met Prince when he was scheduled for euthanization in the summer. A vet felt that his medical issues could be managed and recommended a reputable rescue to the owner. That’s how Prince came to Misift Manor Dog Rescue.

Prince has a skin allergy, the occasional urinary tract infection and had teeth beyond repair. With our vet and some dental surgery, we now easily manage his medical issues with medication, diet, and of course, love.

When you meet Prince today, he looks pretty dashing except for one thing. His tongue may hang from his mouth and he can be a determined licker. That’s because he only has 2 pearly whites remaining. We believe he may also have some mild dementia.

Prince is a charmer and for those prepared to live with and embrace his idiosyncrasies, this little boy has lots of love and fun to give in return.