Iffie is a mid sized, adult male grey and white domestic shorthair cat who is available for adoption from the Lillian Albon Animal Shelter in Amherst.    For more information about this great guy, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Iffie is a sweet man that has become very affectionate as he gets older. He came in as a feral cat but has turned into a happy boy.

Iffie does not like dogs but he is very good with other cats. He has a best buddy named Turbo and he spends a lot of time with her. It would be great if they could go to a home together



Turbo is a large, senior male tortoiseshell cat who is available for adoption from the Lillian Albon Animal Shelter.   For more information about adopting this great gal, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Ms. Turbo is a liberated lady…she has been taking care of herself and her sister Ms. R Dazzle for sometime now.

She is ten years old and one of the oldest cats we have. Aside from being healthy and smart, Turbo is gorgeous. She would make a lovely companion to a senior or a quiet family. Turbo’s sister was adopted and now it’s her turn.

She is great friends with a cat named Iffie and would love it if they could go to a home together.



Apollo is a mid sized, adult male Boxer who is available for adoption from Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society.   For more information about adopting this great guy, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Apollo is a 7 year old boxer who is an absolute dream boat! He is a well behaved guy whose love of snuggling up on his people’s laps is surpassed only by his passion for food. He adores everyone he meets, be they two legged or four. When someone comes to the front door, he will bark a few times to alert that someone is there but then quickly greets them with exuberance. Once the person is seated, Apollo generally tries to crawl on their lap for a hug.

He enjoys meeting new doggie friends and once he gets to know them, he will try to “box” with them in play style typical of his breed. He used to live with both a kitty and a 12 year old boy and is very gentle, given his size.

Apollo loves toys, particularly balls, but his top priority is food of any kind. He takes treats very gently. He is fine with his people handling his food but prefers to eat without other animals around as he is a wee bit concerned he won’t get it all. He is happy to share his toys with other dogs.

Apollo enjoys walks but is no marathon runner and is just as happy to get home to flake out on the couch. Apollo is an all around fantastic guy but we all have our challenges and so does he. Although he is housebroken, he has had trouble with emptying his bladder in the house. After several trips back and forth to the vet and lots of testing, we were able to rule out any health issues. He has no diabetes, kidney disease, UTI or other issues that would cause this problem.

The vet has concluded that his behaviour is psychological, likely stemming from a stressful change in his previous home. Before coming to rescue, he spent a lot of time alone, in a closed space. We suspect that through the long solitary hours, he was stressed, lonely and bored so he turned to his water bowl for comfort. This, in combination with his very subtle signals when needing to go outside, resulted in urination in the house. Fortunately we have been successfully able to work with him to reduce his water intake to an appropriate amount and working on getting him outdoors regularly. His new family will need to continue to work with him on this issue to help him become Mr. Perfect (but we think he is pretty darn close!)

Apollo is truly a gem of a dog who just needs someone to love him and help him be his best self. He’s won the hearts of everyone he’s met at Misfit Manor Dog Rescue. We’re sure he’ll have the same impact on you.



Charlie is a mid-sized adult male dog who is in the Compassionate Care Program with Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society.    For more information about this sweet boy, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Charlie is a 7 yr old male Miniature Australian Shepherd who has Canine Addison’s Disease.

Addison’s disease is a completely manageable condition and Charlie is going to live a long healthy life with Addison’s. Once Charlie’s medications are optimized there is literally no way to tell he has Addison’s to look at him.

He will need a monthly injection of a drug called Percorten V and a small daily dose of Prednisone.

Charlie is good with other dogs, cats and children. He gives the best kisses and he loves to eat, anything.. so we have to watch where we put that kleenex box.

Charlie has Addison’s Disease

Mamma Sissy


Mamma Sissy is a small, senior female cat who is available for adoption from CAPS.    Mamma Sissy is house trained, up to date on her vaccinations and already spayed.    For more information about adopting this sweet cat, please CLICK HERE

Date of birth: May 1, 2004

Mama Sissy is a lovely, senior girl who enjoys being petted and loved.

She continues to wait for just the right person to bring her into their family. She enjoys the companionship of other cats and small dogs.

An adoption donation fee applies: for a kitten under 6 months of age $100, over 6 months of age $80 and dogs $125. CAPS’ “Better with a Buddy” offer allows for the adoption of a second cat/dog for no extra adoption donation. The adoption donation fee helps defer the investment of veterinary costs and the ongoing care of the animals while in our foster care system.


Dolly is a mid sized, adult terrier mix who is available for adoption from Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society.    For more information about adopting this lovely miss, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Dolly is a sweet 1 year old terrier mix that came all the way to Canada from Greece in March 2018. She was rescued from the streets and brought to a loving family. Dolly became a misfit after there was a serious illness in her new family and moved into her foster home in September.

When Dolly was first brought to her foster family she was taken to the vet to get checked out. We’ve discovered that she’s allergic to some meat proteins, which showed in the form of yeast in one ear and toes. This is easily managed with cleaning her ears and feeding her the Rayne kangaroo diet which can be found at the vet or pet food stores.

Dolly is a fantastic, smart, loving little girl who loves to play, snuggle and give kisses after you come back from being away. She is shy at first but connects to her people quickly and hard. We’ve been told that she has separation anxiety in the form of chewing. She has only chewed paper towel and gotten into accessible garbage twice but hasn’t damaged anything when left alone for a few hours. We have been told that she has chewed her kennel when left alone in it.

Dolly is very spunky and has energy to burn but can also relax beside you when you want to rest. She would make a great hiking/running partner! Her foster family is told that she’s a runner but this hasn’t been seen as Dolly is very attached to her people and doesn’t seem to want to leave their side. However, because she has been known in her previous home to run and is able to jump high, we don’t recommend letting this little girl off leash unless she’s in a closed in space.

Dolly seems her happiest and most confident when playing with her fur siblings and would probably excel at doggy daycare! She does play rough and might not be a good fit for a family with an older/smaller dog that doesn’t enjoy rougher play. A few times she has growled at her little fur sibling when she crawls out of bed at night but has not bitten anyone.

She’s been around young kids and hasn’t minded them patting her but like any dog that has lived on the streets she might be unpredictable. She also has some food aggression from having to fight for her food but she has only ever growled at her fur siblings twice and this is simply fixed by feeding them in separate areas. She hasn’t ever reacted to her foster parents when handling food and is extremely gentle at taking treats.

Dolly will make an amazing addition to the perfect family! Could that family be yours?