Ranger is a mid-sized adult male Pit Bull Terrier Mix who is available for adoption from The Animal Rescue Coalitions.    For more information about this great guy, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Hi there:

My name is Ranger aka “Power Ranger”. I am a 3 year old neutered up to date pitbull mix with just the sweetest disposition. When I am out people come up and comment on how handsome I am and I just love that.

Don’t really like to toot my own horn, but most likely they are impressed by all my muscle. This means I am one powerful dude! And I enjoy showing you all that power when we go for a walk (or a pull you might say lol). Proper training and walking gear will greatly reduce this though.

I love love love people. So much so that I like to jump up and try to give you a little lick. I am learning in my foster home that this behavior is not appreciated, however; reinforcement work with a trainer will be necessary so I understand the proper way to greet.

I really enjoy the company of dog friends. I have lived with dog(s) in the past and currently I live with dogs in my foster home plus I attend day care every day with lots and lots of dogs.

I have not been cat tested but to be on the safe side my ARC people feel a cat free home is best for me because I most likely would chase one given the opportunity. I think that would be great fun, but apparently the cat would not.

Due to my power, I am best suited to a home without small children. Now don’t get me wrong, I love ’em but my ARC family says safety first so a home with teenage children and/or just adults is what I am looking for.

In my other life, I loved to play in water, even water from a sprinkler or water hose. And ya know I don’t mind a bath once I am in it.

My foster home has found that I do best being crated when going for drives. It gives me comfort to travel this way, so much so I just lay down and enjoy the ride.

I am a snuggle bug who loves to be with my family. I am not destructive, but prefer not to be alone for long periods of time. When you go to leave I like to try to beat you to the door so I can go to. Yup, I admit, I have to work on that!

I am a fun loving, curious, energetic youngster. Therefore I need a home with a secure fence higher then 42″. I kid you not I can clear that in one bound no run on!!! And once I get out my curiosity gets the best of me and I become Power Ranger the Explorer. This is where the positive reinforcement trainer comes in and can help with my recall. Regardless that fence is necessary in order to keep me safe. My ARC family says that is what you do for those you love you keep them safe from harm.

So lets sum this up shall we? Do you dream of a life with a dedicated loving fur friend? Do you find yourself day dreaming of a companion to enjoy lots of exercise with? Do you feel your world can handle a whole lot of handsome? Do you feel you can commit to work with an ARC approved positive reinforcement trainer to help me become a fine example of a canine citizen and increase our bond? Do you have a fenced in yard to keep me safe and by your side? Do you have a home free of two legged “littles” (four leggeds of the larger variety are fine)? Did you answer yes to all these questions? Then my oh my we just may be a match!!!!

What are you waiting for, I get excited just thinking of it, fill out an adoption application and send it off using “Power Ranger” in the subject line of the email. Maybe just maybe we are each others destiny and I won’t be the “Alone Ranger” anymore.



Prince is a small senior Pomeranian mix who is available for adoption from Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society.    For more information about this special little guy, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Meet the handsome Prince.

This 12 year old Pomeranian is an independent little guy who loves to play with dogs and is always game for a good cuddle or sleeping on your bed.

Like many seniors who come to rescue, he carries the battle scars of a hard life. We met Prince when he was scheduled for euthanization in the summer. A vet felt that his medical issues could be managed and recommended a reputable rescue to the owner. That’s how Prince came to Misift Manor Dog Rescue.

Prince has a skin allergy, the occasional urinary tract infection and had teeth beyond repair. With our vet and some dental surgery, we now easily manage his medical issues with medication, diet, and of course, love.

When you meet Prince today, he looks pretty dashing except for one thing. His tongue may hang from his mouth and he can be a determined licker. That’s because he only has 2 pearly whites remaining. We believe he may also have some mild dementia.

Prince is a charmer and for those prepared to live with and embrace his idiosyncrasies, this little boy has lots of love and fun to give in return.



Charlie is a mid-sized adult male dog who is in the Compassionate Care Program with Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society.    For more information about this sweet boy, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Charlie is a 7 yr old male Miniature Australian Shepherd who has Canine Addison’s Disease.

Addison’s disease is a completely manageable condition and Charlie is going to live a long healthy life with Addison’s. Once Charlie’s medications are optimized there is literally no way to tell he has Addison’s to look at him.

He will need a monthly injection of a drug called Percorten V and a small daily dose of Prednisone.

Charlie is good with other dogs, cats and children. He gives the best kisses and he loves to eat, anything.. so we have to watch where we put that kleenex box.

Charlie has Addison’s Disease

Mamma Sissy


Mamma Sissy is a small, senior female cat who is available for adoption from CAPS.    Mamma Sissy is house trained, up to date on her vaccinations and already spayed.    For more information about adopting this sweet cat, please CLICK HERE

Date of birth: May 1, 2004

Mama Sissy is a lovely, senior girl who enjoys being petted and loved.

She continues to wait for just the right person to bring her into their family. She enjoys the companionship of other cats and small dogs.

An adoption donation fee applies: for a kitten under 6 months of age $100, over 6 months of age $80 and dogs $125. CAPS’ “Better with a Buddy” offer allows for the adoption of a second cat/dog for no extra adoption donation. The adoption donation fee helps defer the investment of veterinary costs and the ongoing care of the animals while in our foster care system.


Oscar is a small adult male mixed breed fellow who is available for adoption from Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society.    For more information about this lovable little lad, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

After a long rehab, Oscar is finally ready for his forever home.

He is loving and affectionate and enjoys every human he meets and will give the sweetest kisses. However, he does not like it when other dogs are in his space or near his things. He is fine with other dogs in the park but does not interact with them much.

He has the cutest quirks. He spins in circles when he’s happy and loves to play with his toys. His favorite is a Kong. He loves to get a peanut butter and treat filled Kong when he has to spend time in his crate. He has no issues with being crated.

He tends to bark when first starting out on a car drive but quickly settles after a few minutes.

Oscar was born with deformed hips and hind legs that don’t bend but he can get around just fine in the house or on short walks. However, he cannot climb stairs but willingly goes up and down a ramp. At 10 pounds he’s easy to carry.

He will likely need ongoing medication for any pain he may experience because of his deformity. He has some lingering issues that he’ll likely struggle with for the rest of his life.

He growls and is resistant to new things but quickly learns if you’re patient and reassuring and he’ll catch on quickly that it’s not harmful. He has issues with nail cutting and is still a little suspicious of grooming. Luckily his coat is low maintenance.

The ideal home for Oscar would be a single, couple or family with older children that can understand his boundaries and respect his limitations because of his hips. If longer walks are in his future, he should have a carrying pouch or wheels. He will need ongoing training with his wheels since he recently began using them. He is not suitable for apartment living since unfamiliar noises make him bark. Oscar will is not suited to a home with other pets.