Are you looking to enrich your life with a new pet?     Congratulations!   The great news is that there really is somebody out there for everyone to adopt?    Are you looking for someone to help you train for a marathon?   There are adoptable dogs who can do that?    Or are you happiest when in the couch potato mode?   Well there are adoptable pals who would love to snuggle in for whatever you want to watch or read 🙂

Big or little!   Old or young!    Adoptable pets come in almost every possible species, colour and size one can possibly imagine!

Really it is just frosting on the cake that it is much cheaper to adopt a pet than buy a ‘designer dog” which is really just another mutt.   When you adopt from a reputable rescue, there will be no surprises.   Your new pal will be spayed or neutered.    There will be no hidden health or behaviour issues waiting in the wings.   In many cases, the adoption fee only represents a fraction of the actual costs incurred by the rescue.   And in ALL cases, the adoption fee is a bargain when one considers what it would cost you as an individual to have your pet spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

Does that mean that folks who have their heart set on a purebred should not have the pet of their dreams?   Of course not.    Those wishing to adopt should contact their regional breed association for more information.    Quite often there will be a breeder who volunteers to do breed rescue even when these things are not commonly advertised.

And to be clear … there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with getting a puppy from a reputable breeder.    Not sure where to start?    A good launching point would be to go to your local CKC dog shows.    PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Most reputable breeders do not need to advertise on Kijiji.    Admittedly, you may need to plan ahead for a puppy because the really good guys do not over breed their dogs.   Is that a bad thing?   Of course not!    In a world where it is possible for a well cared for dog or cat to live for fifteen to twenty years, folks should put a fair bit of thought into bringing a pet into their home.

Warning signs that you may be dealing with a Back Yard Breeder or Puppy Broker:

  • only one of the parents is CKC registered.   This does not mean that you are getting a bargain.   It means that one of the parents was deemed by a reputable breeder to not be suitable for breeding.
  • if the puppies are a hodge podge of breeds.   At the end of the day, there are no designer breeds.   Dogs are purebred or they are mutts.   While mutts are wonderful, no one should be paying many times the adoption fee for one, eh?
  • if the advertiser does not know how to spell the breed name properly.   Ditto if they misspell the word purebred.
  • If the CKC registration paper work is not filled out by the breeder at the point of sale
  • if the seller doesn’t ask any of those same annoying questions that pet rescues ask
  • If the seller offers to bring the puppy to you instead of allowing you to see how the puppy’s have been raised.   You should be able to meet the dam and be shown the sire’s pedigree at least.
  • if the seller claims they are providing a public service for people who cannot afford high-priced CKC registered puppies.     Run do not walk away from that, because that means that there have been none of those genetic screening tests and history hip x rays that the “high priced’ breeders are so careful to do.
  • if the puppy does not come with an orginal copy of a  health certificate from a veterinarian.   In Nova Scotia, it is actually illegal to sell a puppy without one.

There are very few down sides to owning a pet.     Scientists are only now finding out what pet lovers have known all along.   Pets are good for our physical and mental well-being.   At the end of the day, the time that is invested in finding the right fit will be repaid by a lifetime of love and devotion.