Welcome to The Nova Scotia Pet Project.     If you do not live in beautiful Nova Scotia, you might still might enjoy your visit here.     Please remember that this site does not list every rescue or shelter in this province.     How did I decide who to list?    That answer is pretty darned simple.    When a family member or a friend or a neighbour asks me for recommendations, these are the ones I suggest.

Nova Scotia is extremely lucky to have the The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network.     It is based on the simple concept that sharing on social media really can help lost dogs find their way back home.      Since its inception, people all around the province have helped hundreds of lost dogs find their way back home simply by clicking their mice and sharing on Facebook.

Why is that so wonderful?    Besides all the Happy Endings?    Every lost dog that finds his or her way back home is one less “stray” dog that will need a shelter or rescue slot!


“If only we can overcome cruelty, to human and animal, with love and compassion we shall stand at the threshold of a new era in human moral and spiritual evolution – and realize, at last, our most unique quality: humanity.” ~ Jane Goodall

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Oscar is a small adult male mixed breed fellow who is available for adoption from Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society.    For more information about this lovable little lad, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

After a long rehab, Oscar is finally ready for his forever home.

He is loving and affectionate and enjoys every human he meets and will give the sweetest kisses. However, he does not like it when other dogs are in his space or near his things. He is fine with other dogs in the park but does not interact with them much.

He has the cutest quirks. He spins in circles when he’s happy and loves to play with his toys. His favorite is a Kong. He loves to get a peanut butter and treat filled Kong when he has to spend time in his crate. He has no issues with being crated.

He tends to bark when first starting out on a car drive but quickly settles after a few minutes.

Oscar was born with deformed hips and hind legs that don’t bend but he can get around just fine in the house or on short walks. However, he cannot climb stairs but willingly goes up and down a ramp. At 10 pounds he’s easy to carry.

He will likely need ongoing medication for any pain he may experience because of his deformity. He has some lingering issues that he’ll likely struggle with for the rest of his life.

He growls and is resistant to new things but quickly learns if you’re patient and reassuring and he’ll catch on quickly that it’s not harmful. He has issues with nail cutting and is still a little suspicious of grooming. Luckily his coat is low maintenance.

The ideal home for Oscar would be a single, couple or family with older children that can understand his boundaries and respect his limitations because of his hips. If longer walks are in his future, he should have a carrying pouch or wheels. He will need ongoing training with his wheels since he recently began using them. He is not suitable for apartment living since unfamiliar noises make him bark. Oscar will is not suited to a home with other pets.